Car LED Lights – Overview And Benefits Of LED In Cars

Since the creation of the first LED back in 1927 the LED technology has since evolved and is now being used extensively in the car industry. Today car LED lights can be found in almost any application of light in vehicles, both internally and externally. In fact, they are being used as headlamps, fog lights, tail lamps, interior lamps as well as ambient lights.

Car Related Benefits

The benefits of equipping your vehicle with car LED lights is obvious. They will require less energy to produce the same amount of light as halogen bulbs, thus increasing your mileage and battery lifetime. This also decreases the amount of heat that radiates from the light sources, usually a good thing with regards to interior lighting.

LED lights also come with a far longer lifespan than incandescent light bulbs. Not only will your LEDs last more than 6 times longer than their incandescent counterparts, but when they have served their lifetime they will usually start dimming away until they are completely done, as opposed to the abrupt failure of incandescent lights.

In fact, when a LED has reached its projected lifetime it will still emit 70% light compared to a brand new diode. What this means to you is that you get a significantly better chance of never having to drive around with broken car lights.

Visual Aspects

Another compelling reason having to do more with style is that the very small size of individual diodes allows them to be grouped together to create unique shapes. This is being taken advantage of by various car manufacturers to enhance the design of their cars.

There are also a large number of custom made car LED lights on the market today which can greatly enhance the look and feel of your car. Not only will you find custom made car LED lights for both interior and exterior use, but after exploring the market you will be amazed of the vast variation of color and special effects being offered.

Take these LED undercar kits available on the market as an example. There are those where you can decide whether you want your car LED lights to switch between a set of 20 colors or perform a smooth transition through amazingly 1 million colors. On top of that they often feature different lighting modes that adds special effects such as wave ripples to the mix or even synchronization with the music from your sound system.

Hidden Disadvantages

Aside from the numerous benefits of car LED lights, there are also a few minor drawbacks to using this technology in car headlamps. Because of the low energy consumption of LEDs coupled with the fact that they don’t radiate energy in the direction of the light, you could experience some problems in really cold temperatures with thawing the snow accumulating on the headlights.

Another minor drawback with LED lights for cars is the initial cost of buying. While this can act as a deterrent for some people, one should keep in mind that these types of lights in addition to their superior lighting efficiency typically feature around 6-15 times longer life spans as well. Investing in LEDs is generally an economical sound plan.


In overall, the advantages offered by LED lights for cars far outweigh the disadvantages. By investing in car LED lights you will effectively be reducing your car’s energy consumption, the battery stress, as well as the frequency of light replacements. All this while at the same time potentially enhancing the good looks of your car.