LED Interior Lights – A Natural Choice For Car Interior Lighting

If you are looking to enhance the looks of your car’s interior with accent lighting, then you should take a closer look at LED interior lights for cars. They make an excellent choice for adding accent lighting under your dash or seats.

Starter Kits

If you are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend too much money on LED interior lights, then a starter kit might be your best option. Don’t let the name fool you though, as you tend to get pretty much for the money spent.

Even though LED interior lights starter kits usually come with only 2 LED tubes, they often include a control box with which you can control a good amount of effects such as fading, strobing and chasing effects, and some of them even feature sound activation and synchronization.

It’s recommended to look for an expendable kit, should you later decide you want more car interior lighting. There’s also the possibility to bypass certain controllers and have the lights turn on when you open your car door.

Larger Kits

When you move up the price tag you will receive more lights in your kit. As the starter kits, these car interior lights come with great lighting effects like, chasing, fading, strobing, and sound activation. What you are paying for is basically more tubes. It’s common to find packages consisting of 4 to 6 tubes.

Expandable Kits

A neat feature that can be found in many LED interior lights packages is the ability to connect more tubes to your existing setup at a later time. While there usually is a small price increase for this particular function, it may come in handy if you in the future should want to upgrade your lighting setup.

After all, there is really no reason to discard perfectly functioning lights when you can save some money building on your current system rather than reinvesting in a completely new one.

Million Color Kits

In terms of color, you can choose from LED interior car lights having only one solid color like red, blue and green, to kits featuring a handful common colors like purple, yellow, teal, white plus the already mentioned, and ultimately more advanced versions featuring incredibly 1 million colors.

These advanced LED interior lights create their rich variety of colors by mixing 3 different colors together, namely red, green and blue (RGB), and are usually referred to as multi-color white LEDs or simply RGB LEDs.

Being the top of the line products, they will come with the same lighting effects as the previously mentioned kits, chasing, strobing, fading, sound activation, plus more. Added features include color cycling modes with up to 20 solid colors, flashing, pausing, and wireless remotes. Installation is easy and they can more often than not be expanded simply by adding more tubes.