LED License Plate Lights Ideas

Replacing your old style light bulbs with newer more modern LED license plate lights can be a surefire way to add more personality to your car, or just reducing the amount of time being spent on maintenance.

Why The Switch?

People tend to switch out their old style bulbs in favor of LED license plate lights for at least one of the following two reasons. The first reason is the extremely long life span of LED lights coupled with their superior energy efficiency. Essentially these lights will last longer and consume less energy, both reducing time spent on maintenance and reducing the load on the battery.

The other compelling reason has more to do with styling. With the vast array of options available today you can easily modify the style of your car by adding lights with different colors, glowing license plate frames, or even rolling text.

Color Tones

It’s said that the simplest methods often produces the best results. This can definitively be true when it comes to LED license plate lights. By simply replacing your old bulbs to lights having a different color tone you can notably change the style of your car. Blue lights, white lights, or purple lights, they will all make your car look slightly different from behind. This is an easy and affordable solution not to underestimate.

Glowing Frames

If you on the other hand want heavy attention, to truly direct the eyes of your surroundings towards your car, then you can take a closer look at these license plates with glowing frames around them. They come in many different features, from straight lines to dots, and some even have remote controls to control different output patterns. If you want to make a scene, then these LED number plate lights might do the trick.

Scrolling License Plate Lights

Wouldn’t it be cool if you somehow could send a message straight back to your fellow drivers when you are out on your long trips? You may have seen some having signs in the rear window displaying text, but they could really get in your way when you want perfectly clear vision backwards.

Introducing scrolling LED license plate lights. With a simple press of a button on your remote control you can send whatever preprogrammed message you want to the traffic approaching from behind. It doesn’t even have to be a message directed to them personally; you can also use these products with a commercial purpose.

Combined Running And Brake Lights

Another cool way is to utilize color changing LED license plate lights to let them serve 2 completely different purposes, namely acting as both running lights and brake lights at the same time. What this basically means is that you will be getting an extra pair of brake lights being lit whenever you press the brakes. Besides the obvious benefit of added visibility for your actions on the road, it might also make your car more interesting to behold.