LED Underglow – Adding A Unique Style And Feel To Your Car

Outfitting your car with LED underglow lights is a surefire way to add a unique style to your car and grab some attention from nearby bystanders. Choosing LED over other alternatives also comes with a set of specific advantages as well.

The Benefits

The most obvious benefit with choosing LED under car lights is due to the LED technology itself. Designed to emit very much light per watt consumed, these types of lights will reduce the load on your car battery and thus increase its lifespan. Your car’s energy consumption will be lowered as well.

Another clear benefit with using LED underbody lights is the fact that LED tubes are made of plastic, as opposed to glass for neon lights, and will therefore be more durable than their alternatives.


Colors are no problem for LED underglow kits and you will have plenty of colors to choose from, be it single color kits or multiple color kits with of up to different solid 20 colors. Add different lighting modes on top of that and you will have plenty of options at hand.

Million Color Kits

More advanced LED underglow kits provide more preset solid colors and the ability to choose any color you want from millions of colors simply by pressing pause during the color fade mode. This creates a new solid color for you to combine with all other special effects available.

Expendable Kits

Many LED underglow kits are expandable and can be built upon if you at a later time decide that you want more illumination. You will find there is kits available that expands through simple USB connections, making it extremely easy to expand your styling efforts.

Special Effects

From the starter versions all the way up to the more advanced verions, LED underglow kits come with a number of different lighting modes that include color cycle, color fading and color chase modes. You will find kits out there having all the way from 15 to up to remarkable 45 different lighting modes to choose from. Most kits out there come with a control box and wireless remote for controlling the system.

The fun doesn’t stop there however, as many kits come preconfigured with sound activation support. With this you can make your already beautiful lighting system dance with the music, which can indeed be a cool feature to have.

Top Of The Art Systems

The top of the art LED underglow kits out there really has it all. These million colors kits have up to 45 different color modes to choose from, including various solid color patterns such as color cycle, color fading and color chase modes, plus various multi-color lighting patterns such as chasing, strobing, fading and flashing modes.

All these under car lighting effects are easily controlled via the included control box as well as the wireless remote. The control box will show you the current pattern, color and speed that you are running and will remember your last settings in between the uses.

These advanced car underglow kits also include sound activation support which can be tuned by several different sensitivity settings and lets you use sound activation on any of the lighting patterns supplied.

Building upon these advanced LED underglow kits is often as easy as plugging connecting a USB contact into another, making it a very versatile kit for your styling purposes. There is often the option to via the USB ports expand the system with wheel well tubes as well as interior tubes and make them fully synchronize with each other. This makes these kits extremely simple and versatile to work with no matter what type of vehicle you own.