Motorcycle LED Lights – Save Money While Enhancing Your Visibility

LED technology has come a long way since the start and can now be found pretty much everywhere. Motorcycle LED lights are widely available at stores and are now not only a viable replacement for older types of head lights, tail lights or break lights, but comes with specific advantages as well.

LED Benefits

The first advantage of LED lights for motorcycles is that they consume far less energy to produce the same amount of light as compared to incandescent lights. This will increase both the mileage and the battery life of your bike.

Another benefit is their long lifespans, which usually is more than 6 times longer than their incandescent counterparts.

It doesn’t stop there however, because a LED light doesn’t abruptly break like an incandescent light would. Instead it starts dimming away until complete failure. When a LED has reached its projected lifetime its predicted to still give away light at 70% of original intensity.

Safety Factors

The unprotected nature of driving motorcycles as compared to cars makes safety measures that much more critical. While proper protection gear and a high level of alertness will be your best defense against accidents involving other drivers, there are a few safety areas where motorcycle led lights are extra beneficial.

One of the top reasons behind mc collisions with cars is the simple fact that the driver fails to recognize the motorcycle in time. With the relatively small and narrow body of a motorcycle the car driver is less likely to notice a motorcycle as well as judge its distance and current speed. You will find there are motorcycle led lights for sale that you can put on your bike to increase its perceived width, and thus increasing your level of security by a great deal.

The risk of collisions however do not only come from the front in overturns or intersections. You can also get hit from behind from a motorist not paying enough attention to your breaking maneuvers. Keeping track of smaller objects with less lighting is significantly harder. Add the low weight of a motorcycle and you get breaking capabilities that far exceeds that of any car.

There are two ways in which motorcycle LED lights can help you to alert fellow motorists of your breaking maneuvers, with the first one having to do with the technology itself. LED lights illuminate approximately 20% faster than conventional bulbs. What this means is that other drivers will be able to spot your break lights earlier.

The other way of increasing your security from behind is by purchasing special led lights for motorcycles that are designed for enhancing visibility. One example of such motorcycle led lights is flashing brake lights. The idea is that these bright flashing lights will draw the attention of fellow motorists and alert them of your breaking maneuvers.

Other special LED designs for overall visibility enhancements include LED running lights, LED turning lights, modulating lights,  and more.

Visual Appeal

Aside from using motorcycle LED lights to increase your own safety, there is always the option to use LED for styling purposes. You will find there is a wide variety of led lights for motorcycles available to enhance the looks and feel of your bike.

First of all you have these custom made replacements of ordinary lights such as headlights, tail lights and turn lights. Besides that there is all sorts of different motorcycle led light kits and products that when combined can create spectacular looks.

For those who are really into heavy usage of motorcycle LED lights you have those LED accent light kits available for all types of motorcycles. Basically it’s a package of several LED strips of various dimensions,  some Y-splitters and a control box.

You will find that there are some very advanced motorcycle LED lights available with options for either displaying between 20 or so colors or even performing a smooth transition through a full spectrum of one million colors. These kits usually comes with up to 10 displaying modes with special effects like strobe and wave ripple. If you plan on purchasing one of these kits make sure that you get a lifetime warranty against LED failure.