Trailer LED Lights – An Overview Of The Market And Benefits

You will find there is a large assortment of Trailer LED lights on the market today. Whether you are looking for clearance lights, stop lights, turn lights, or tail lights for your trailer, chances are good that you will find a suitable LED replacement that meets all your expectations. With the added benefits of the LED technology the choice will be even easier.

LED Benefits

Whether you own a horse trailer, a cargo trailer, or a boat trailer you will benefit equally from the advantages that the LED technology brings. It’s a known fact that LED trailer lights consume far less energy to produce the same amount of light compared to their incandescent counterparts. This makes it possible to create brighter light sources while consuming less power.

Another major benefit is the substantial increase in durability that LEDs offer. You will find trailer LED lights with up to 100 000 hours of service life. That’s over 11  years of constant light, or 8 hours of light per day for whole 34 years. In addition to this they are generally shock and vibration proof.


You will find LED replacements for every type of trailer light. They come with clear lenses with red or amber LEDs, red lenses with red LEDs as well as amber lenses with amber LEDs. There are clearance lights, stop lights, turn lights, tail lights, strobe lights and more. The nature of the LED technology makes them innately durable and cost effective versus older incandescent light sources.

LED Upgrade Units

If you are hesitant as to the amount of work required for upgrading your existent lights to LED trailer lights, you will be glad to hear that there are upgrade kits available which fit well into your existing light housing without any cutting or special modifications. All you need to do is to remove two screws for the lens, remove the existing bulb, fit the module’s adapter into the bulb socket, and finally fit the lens module back into place.

Multi-Purpose Tail Lights

There is an abundance of multi-purpose led trailer tail lights out there. What they all have in common is that they usually feature built-in brake and turn light functionality besides their normal role as running lights. There are also plenty of low profile designs available on the market which makes the installation process considerable easier in many cases.

Underwater LED Sets

If you are an owner of a boat trailer you might be interested in one of those submersible LED boat trailer lights especially designed for underwater usage. Aside from being fully water-proof they usually come with stainless steel hardware, protecting the lamps from corrosion and rust.

As a result of the LED technology you will never experience bulb breakage with these types of lights,  as can happen when dipping warm incandescent lights into cold water.

LED Light Bars

For added visibility and style there are also trailer LED lights in form of light bars that can easily be installed on the side or back of your trailer with double sided tape. These lights can serve as both break lights and turn lights at the same time, enhancing your visibility in a visually attractive way.