Truck LED Lights – Save Money While Enhancing The Looks

The advantages of having truck LED lights installed in your vehicle rather than more conventional incandescent light sources are considerable.

General LED Benefits

Trucks benefit from the LED technology in pretty much the same way as cars. LED truck lights consume far less energy to produce the same amount of lighting. This will increase the mileage and put less stress on the battery.

When a LED light has reached its stated lifetime it should still glow with a 70% intensity, as compared to incandescent light sources where you will experience an abrupt failure.  The fact that LED lights dims away gradually until failure also makes it easier for you to recognize and replace old lights on your truck before you are out of light.

LED truck lights will also last a considerable amount of time. They are quoted to last up to 50 000 hours or more, usually more than 10 times longer than incandescent lights any way. Even though the original cost of purchase is higher on a LED light you will save money in the long run with their renowned durability.

Styling Purposes

You will find that people are not only styling their cars, but their trucks as well. The variety of styling choices involving truck LED lights is no less than for cars. Many of the solutions available for cars will also work for trucks, and vice verse.

Underbody LED

There are specialized underbody LED lights for trucks on the market which are better suited for illuminating the larger wheel base. These types of kits usually come with water resistant LED tubes that are easy to install and are covered by a long guarantee.

More advanced LED lights for trucks features several preset lighting patterns, color modes, as well as sound activation. If that wasn’t enough, you can mix and match them the way you want. The number of variations one can create with all these options are almost endless. Installing one of these kits will surely make your truck stand out from the crowd.

Tailgate Lights

Another neat effect that can enhance the style and visibility of your truck is tailgate lights. These particular LED truck lights consists of a slim LED tailgate bar that synchronizes with the factory signal functions of your truck.

With the help of the existent signal functions they will signal other vehicles on the road of your action. When you break the bar will emit a bright red light, white light when reversing, and amber light in the far edges of the bar when turning. Not only will this give your truck an unique style, but it will also contribute to overall traffic safety.

Truck Bed Lighting Kits

You can also find various truck led lights designed to be installed upon the truck bed itself. Aside from being visually attractive, this may prove to be quite handy when performing work in late evenings. Just make sure that they kits you buy are waterproof and come with at least one year guarantee.